Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Movie: Mokhtarnameh

Mokhtarnameh is a dramatic action based on the life of Mokhtar ibne Abu obeid Saqafi . Over 140 actors were cast in it.

He is a Shia Muslim leader who set up a movement in 686 A.D in the town of Kufa to avenge the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS).

Starring: Fariborz Arabnia, Reza Ruygari, Reza Kianian and Rahman Baqerian, ’Mokhtarnameh’ is the sixth TV series directed by Mirbaqeri. The series, which took five years to complete, includes 42 episodes and is produced by Sima Films.

The story reviews the events leading to the martyrdom of the Imams and ends with the adolescence of Mokhtar. The film also deals with 16 years of Mokhtar’s life and includes the death of Mo’awiyah, the succession of Yazid ibn-Mo’awiyah, and the events leading to Ashura and whatever related to the uprising of Mokhtar until his and his companions’ martyrdom.

Directed By: Davoud Mirbagheri( who has made Imam Ali a.s. movie Shaheed e Kufa Before)

  1. Fariborz ArabNia As Mokhtar Saqafi
  2. Mahdi Fakhimzadeh As Omar e Saad
  3. Mohammad Sadeghi As ibn Matma
  4. Amin Zindegani As Muslim bin Aqeel
  5. Parvaiz PourHosseini As Misam e Tammar
  6. Fariba Kausri As Umreh (Wife of Mukhtar)
  7. Elham Hamidi As Shirin (Wife of Kiyan)
  8. Raza Rooygari As Kiyan
  9. Rahman Bariryan As Zarbi
  10. Hameed Mazfri As Muslim ibn Osaja
  11. Raza Kiyaniya As Abdullah ibn Zubeir
  12. Mohammad Raza Sharifi Niya As Ibn Hanifia
  13. Mahmoud Arhilaan As Zoheir ibn Qan
  14. Jafar Dehgahan As Mosab
  15. Farg Naimati As Hani ibn orwa

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