Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Movie: Safeer e Hussain/Faristadeh

Safeer e Imam Hussain a.s. : Sulaiman ibne ibi Razeen

The Movie is based on the story of Safeer e Imam Hussein (a.s) (Courier of Imam Hussein a.s.)  Imam send him to Basra to convey the message of Imam a.s. to All 5 leaders of there tribe in Basra, but the enemy of Imam and followers of Yazid are a great hinder for him to convey the message of Imam. When the governor of Basra get know about him he gave the order not to enter the safeer imam hussain a.s. in Basra but Safeer e Imam a.s. Enters Basra. Watch how he get entry in Basra and what difficulties did he face through out his journey to Basra in the Movie Safeer e Imam Hussain a.s.
Below is Movie in Urdu Language.


Hussein Yari: Safeer e Hussain a.s.
Jafar Deghan: Aswad
Zahra Saeedi: Mother in Law of Safeer e Hussain a.s
Zaiba Boroofeh: Bano Maria
Noura Hashemi: Salma (Wife of Safeer e Hussain as)

Movie is in 12 parts each part is more than 30 mins. 

Below is the Full Movie "Safeer e Imam Hussain a.s." in URDU.

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