Monday, July 25, 2011

Jafar Dehghan (Ashabe Kahf, Saint Mary & Prophet Yousuf)

In Islamic Movies:
1-Saint Mary as Herod King
2-Ashabe Kahf as Maxi million
3-Yousuf Payamber as Putiphar
4-Safeer e Hussain a.s. As Aswod
5-Mukhtarnameh As Moasab
6-Shadow upon the Sun As ibn Ziad

Picture of Jafar From Prophet Yousuf Movie

Picture of Jafar From Ashabe Kahf:

In MukhtarNameh:

Jafar Dehghan As Ibn Ziad in Shadow Upon the Sun

Misc Pics:

From Saint Mary

From Safeer e Hussain as

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  1. i find him very sweet and a die hard shia,,,may ALLAH and AHLEBAIT give him long life.... ilaahi amin