Saturday, December 31, 2011

Movie: Ekhrajiha 1

Ekhrajiha (English: The Outcasts) is a 2007 Iranian film, written and directed by Masoud Dehnamaki, set during the Iran–Iraq War.

The film is Dehnamaki's first feature film, after he directed two documentaries about social problems in Iran.

The film had also broken all box-office records in Iran, earning nearly 1 billion toman only twenty-eight days after its release and finishing its run with over 2 billion toman. Additionally the film is one of few Iranian war movies in which the heroes are extremely flawed and shown to commit acts often viewed as "immoral" by authorities in Iran.

Produced by Habibollah Kasehsaz
Written by Masoud Dehnamaki
Cast Akbar Abdi (Payram)
Amin Hayai
Mohamad Reza Sharifinia
(Haji Saleh)
Kambiz Dirbaz (Majid)
Arzhang Amirfazli - Amir
Alireza Osivand - Mostafa

Manouchahr Azar - Mirza
Javad Hashemi - Morteza
Ghasem Zareh - Kamali
Negar Forouzandeh - Marzieh
Niousha Zeyghami - Narges
Mina Jafarzadeh - Bayram's mother
Fakhreddin Sedigh Sharif - Cleric
Distributed by Filmiran
Release date(s) March 7, 2007

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