Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Movie: Boo Ali Sina / AVICENNA

Boo Ali Sina / AVICENNA
  • Writer, Director & Editor: Keyhan Rahgozar  
  • Director of Photography: Farrokh Majidi   
  • Music: Farhad Fakhreddini  
  • Cast: Amin Tarokh, Firooz Behjat Mohammadi, Esmaeel Fakhraie
  • Released in 1987 
This film recounts the life of the great Iranian scientist and physician Hossein Ibn Abdolah lbn Sina. It traces Avicenna's life from an early age. When he shows precocious sign of an exceptionally superior intelligence to the time when he becomes court physician. His con­stant protests against the injustice that is done to the poor people get him into trouble with the monarchs and he is imprisoned on sever­al occasions. He is released from his last cap­tivity through the intervention of his occasion. He is released from his last captivity through the intervention of his brother. But by that time he is sick and dejected, and dies soon after­wards.

Full Movie in Urdu Below.

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