Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Movie: Setarah e Sohail (Movie on Owaise Qarni ra)

The summary of the story "Star of the Canopus/Seatarah e Sohail" says, "‘Salmeh' the Yemeni country girl has fallen on love with ‘Owais'. But ‘Owais' is not on earth anymore. The affection of the message and spiritual attraction of Mohammad ( PBUH) the last messenger of god, is now in the hands of ‘Owais', which has closed his eyes on the earthly love of ‘Salmeh" with all its thrill and inspiration...
In this movie, the story of Owais Qarni trip to Medina to visit the holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH), while he had left Medina for a short trip, and the event of the Prophet's famous Hadith about Owais and his affection for this faithful companion who was finally martyred in the Siffin war along with Imam Ali (AS) will be shown.

Producer: Akbar Tahvilian
Director: Amir Ghavidel

Changiz Vosoghi

"The Canopus Star" has also won the best dramatic play award in the first Islamic radio and television productions festival (year 2009).

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A movie on Owais e Qarni
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